Inverness House Press presents "Every Stone in The River" by Alessandra Diridoni Grigsby. This grateful acknowledgment of all the Stones in Diridoni Grigsby's River of life was written over a period of thirty years. She
tells how "Each Stone has its own name. . .
character. . .magic. . .and. . .lesson."

     Come for a ride on the River. See if you remember that favorite teacher, a childhood pet, challenges that brought you to today, loves, and friends, and the simplicity of berries picked sweet from the vine.  Come enjoy the water, the sky, and the forest.

     "Interwoven with reminiscences and imagination, . . . this enchanting anthology showcases all the people, places, and events that inspired the works . . . Crafted with consummate ease and grace, the poems are models of clarity and brevity. . . It is difficult not to be charmed by this treasure-trove of precious Stones."   BookWire Review - December 9, 2004.

     "A floodtide of microstories that aim to catch - as turning points, emotive instances or sheer imagery - moments in Grigsby's life ... the author's voice reflects universal qualities, and acts as a flint ready to spark a personal fire ... She might display the fun loopiness of A.A. Milne's "Disobedience": "Off we went, big sis, baby brother / on (our) way to the corner store. / Lots of trouble we got in then - / he was only two, and I, only four." ,,, Then there are the snippets "creped wings" ... or the lovely line, "This year is old and /listing by now." ... Memories as elemental as stones, for sure - of food, love, places, children, childhood, longing."  Kirkus Discoveries - March 2005

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